This is a film / web interactive project that I shot for the good folks over at Instrument.
Great people and a really interesting web integration.
thanks for having me it was a pleasure to be a part of this.
also thanks to Koerner camera , jeff at Lightpress, the guys at Gearhead and everyone that helped out on my crew.

FUNCTION “Past Present Failure”

I made this short movie that plays in Chris Brunkhart’s current show GAMMA FUNCTION PAST PRESENT FAILURE, themed after the aftermath of the apocalypse and the artifacts that remain.
Lots of great people were involved, including Matt Donahue, Zach Egge, Jamie Lynn, Dan Peterka, Bryan “Fro” Waters and Javas Lehn. It is a really amazing installation.
This plays as a triptych on three separate screens and loops so that it is constant. The three panels are of slightly varying play lengths so that is is constantly shifting the alignment. We shot in super slow motion to give it the feel of still images that slowly evolve.
I made this with the help of Benjamin Brucker and Jamie Boyda. Kharma Vella, Nichole Vella, Koa Blue Vella and Rocky Joe Vella all star as the post apocalyptic family unit.
Stoked all the way around and super happy to have been invited to participate in this one, if you have a chance to see the show installed it is well worth it.

Phantom Flex + ADIDAS


See See Motorcycles from see see motorcycles on Vimeo.

Made this with Thor Drake and the people from SEE SEE MOTORCYCLES. Jon Humphries shot photos as well.


check out the site, click HERE

i really liked this rig.

Starr killed this one. This was a great rig as well.

I shot the video portion of this job for the NIKON COOLPIX AW100. Jon Humphries directed and shot the Stills. We shot entirely on NIKON and mostly on the camera advertized.(only really the BTS footage was shot on the other NIKON bodies.)
Starr Whitesides helped us rig all of the cameras for both the stills and video. Had a rad week. The site is a really cool idea and well executed, the behind the scenes at the end of the timeline has some cool stuff too.